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 What Celebrities are Saying About Dr. Laura   
Leeza Gibbons (Entertainment Tonight, Leeza):
"It is not true that she asked me to coach her on how to do a talk show. Dr. Laura probably doesn't need me to teach her the difference between a grip and a gaffer. I do believe, however, that she could use some coaching in learning the difference between the bible and the Bill of Rights. This document is supposed to guarantee the protection of rights for all Americans, but not, apparently, gays and lesbians, who every day, are losing their jobs, their homes, their health insurance, losing their children, all because of who they are."

Bruce Vilanch (Hollywood Squares, Get Bruce!):
"She has a right to say what she wants, but Paramount has no need to make money off of it. As a stockholder in Viacom, I object to them -- and me -- making a profit off of her show, so I don't think they should air it. I am as Jewish as she is, and I'm here to tell you she's nuts. It's a 'shonda' for the Jews, as my mother would say. It's bad for the Jews. She is about as good for the Jews as Adolph Eichman. I don't like this woman at all. To hide behind Judaism to spew hatred is acting like one of the lower forms of life. If she wants to call me a biological error, then I can call her a Nazi bitch."

Eric McCormick (Will & Grace):
"It's one of those knife-edge ones. It's a freedom of speech thing, but from moment one she's just been a pain in the ass and an enemy to this community. She doesn't put enough good out there to counter the bad she puts out. It's a balance thing, and it doesn't balance."

Tim Daly (Wings, which was filmed at Paramount, Execution of Justice):
"I think Dr. Laura has said some really stupid, stupid things, but also, under our Constitution, she has the right to say stupid things. I don't think she should necessarily be censored, because no one should be censored."

Julia Louis Dreyfus (Seinfeld):******************
"Tonight I am here to salute a truly and unique woman, who has done more to galvanize the gay and lesbian community and their supporters than even she knows, a woman who has united us and inspired us to action. I'm talking, of course about the one and only Dr. Laura Schlessinger. [Hoots and catcalls] If only she were here to have heard that outpouring of affection. Dr. Laura, thank you for bringing us all together.

Though some may call her a hypocrite. She speaks out against adultery, although she lived with her husband for nine years before getting married. She tirades against divorce, even though she is divorced. She claims to be a devoted practicing Jew while forgetting the biblical admonition, 'Judge not lest ye be judged.'

In spite of all that, I choose to call her an inspiration, both on the radio and in her best-selling book, Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives. I understand she's adding a new chapter entitled, 'Keep the Fucking Negatives.'"