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Below you will find brief descriptions of the seven Chakras. You can get ideas and use your
own imagination in opening up your chakras. Take control of your life and do some further
research on Chakra Therapy.

Crown Chakra: "The Spirit" -- Again, wind chimes are beneficial as well as the color purple or violet.
Peaceful, soft music is great. Amethyst and crystals. The mineral fluorite. Begin some
spiritual rituals.

Brow Chakra: "The Mind" -- The smell of honeysuckle is beneficial. Exercise your mind. Learn a new
hobby. Do crossword puzzles. Write or read. Take up meditation. Find a quiet area where you can find
peace and quiet. You can also try imagery. Imagine a tree with it's roots and branches as the branches reach
up to a blue sky.

Throat Chakra: "Sound" -- The color blue is beneficial. Whistle while you work (or hum). If you play an
instrument, start performing for yourself or others. Communicate with others in group settings. Expressing
yourself is very good. You can express yourself in other forms such as writing a journal or diary.

Heart Chakra: Considered an "Air Element" -- The color green is beneficial; also turquoise. Pay attention
to your breathing pattern. Go to the beach and feel the wind in your face. Watch the birds fly by. Put some
wind chimes out in your backyard. The mineral Malachite is said to be a mineral for the heart. Perhaps try
wearing a Malachite necklace. Also sage is a smudging tool that cleans the air of negativity. Mint is good for
the heart chakra.

Caution: Green therapy can be beneficial, but it also produces growth. If you have cancer or tumors, it is not recommended.

Solor Plexus: Considered a "Fire Element" -- Yellow is a beneficial color. Lighting yellow candles. Wear a
yellow shirt. Take a walk on a nice sunny day. Travelling is also beneficial. Most importantly is laughter. It
will loosen up your tense muscles and lighten the load on your mind.

Sacral Chakra: Considered a "Water Element" -- The color orange is beneficial. Eat an orange. Drink
plenty of water. Take up swimming. Take long baths with salts and herbs. Take a walk in the park in the

Root Chakra: Considered an "Earth Element" -- Work in a garden. Kneeling on the ground and touching
the earth is beneficial for getting in touch with this chakra. You can work with clay -- make pottery, trinkets,