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A group of religious extremists called the American Family Association,
based in Tupelo Mississippi, is attacking the Girl Scouts because that
organization refuses to discriminate against lesbians and gays. Unlike the
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts has always been inclusive.  In the mid-90s, the
organization went on the public record with a statement to the Associated
Press that said it does not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

A few months ago, the Girl Scout national president, Connie Matsui, made
favorable remarks about a video called "That's A Family," which positively
depicts lesbian and gay family groups.  (Ms. Matsui attended a screening at
The White House during the final days of the Clinton Administration.)

The American Family Association has sent 10,000 letters of protest to the
national Girl Scout organization, demanding that Ms. Matsui retract her
statement and/or resign. In contrast, the Girl Scouts have received only 5
-- that's right, five -- letters of support.

Here is where to write to Ms. Matsui and let her know that we appreciate the
Girl Scouts' stand on behalf of diversity and of gay and lesbian families.
And please forward this message to all of your friends.

Girls Scouts of the USA
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10018-2798

Or email: