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This is written by John Barnes, PT.
He developed myofascial release therapy.



        A couple of decades ago as I was giving a Myofascial Release
seminar, a physician that was in the audience approached me during a
break.  He said do you realize that you are a "Kahuana" and that you are
teaching Huna?

        I have since studied the Huna philosophy extensively.  It has
remarkable similarities to what we do.  Deep physical pressure,
visualization techniques combined with a tough love approach by
powerful, aware and caring healers.  A Kahuna is a respected leader and
healer.  Huna is an ancient Polynesian philosophy whose main tenent is
"Do no harm".

        After my injury and years of struggle with pain, information and
insights began to flow through me from a deep "source" beyond my
intellectual consciousness.  It felt like ancient wisdom.

        We all have an extraordinary intuition and inner guidance.
Sometimes we need a shock to wake us up to that aspect of ourselves that
can provide us with deep inner strength and impeccable guidance.  We
need to quiet ourselves to hear this inner voice.  Some have so much
inner turmoil that their intuitive and instinctual side is blocked.  I
believe that it is imperative to open to our intuitive/instinctual power
for healing to occur and to lead a joyful and fulfilling quality life!

        I recently read an interesting story in Bridges magazine
sponsored by the international society for the study of subtle energies
and energy medicine by Christine Hiffard, Ph.D.  She relates a
fascinating experience while in New Zealand spending some time with the
Maori's. The Maori's are the part of the Polynesian tribe that settled
in New
Zealand that believed in and practice Huna.

        "I asked the person who was the community's medical doctor just
what medicine he used for healing most of the illnesses that were there
on the island and his reply changed my thinking.  He said that they used
no medicine whatsoever.  None!

         If a person were sick in any way, from a cold to cancer, they
would call the entire community and all gather round, including the
children.  They'd position the ill person in the center and the
community would sit.  This physician would ask this person one question
and one question only.  "What is it that you are not saying"  They would
all sit and wait until this person revealed all of what he or she was
keeping to him or herself.  They reported a ninety-eight percent healing
rate.  They were using their own innate wisdom, their own inner-guidance
and the power of full self-expression.  That is our emotional truth, our
intellectual truth and its inter-connectedness.  This is the heart of
both feminine and masculine values."

        What is blocking you from healing and living a joyful life?