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Spiritual Thoughts on Transgenders:
Focus on Female to Male

In the psychology world, transgender has been labeled a disorder. In the spiritual realm, I see it as a gift from God.
We are all spirits (souls) trapped inside our human shells. Whichever shell you have been born with, it can be used
as a tool.

Many believe that when we die, our spirit remains intact despite our bodies decomposition. Others believe in
reincarnation where people come back to this world changing gender each lifetime. If these theories are true, then
we have no physical gender when we die. We continue to be spirits.

The Gift of Ying/Yang: The belief of the Ying/Yang is where spirits have balanced both their masculine and feminine
qualities. Since humans are spirit beings, it would be beneficial to cultivate our Ying/Yang to become ultimate
humans and spiritual beings despite which gender we are.

I believe that Female to Male Transgenders have a benefit over straight and gays in balancing the Ying/Yang. They
are physically female and live a female lifestyle due to what society has expected of them while young. Although
many adult transgenders have found that period of their lives extremely difficult, if looked at diffently, they were
given an opportunity that straights and gays have not been given. Female to Male Transgenders have the "innate
ability to fully understand the female human being as a whole" even when they are desiring and transistioning to
become male. The key for an FTM is to cultivate and remember their ying/yang abilities during all phases of
transistion and not forget your origin.

Love: When a human being falls in love, it is the spirit we fall in love with, not the persons genitals. Same as when
we die....our spirit remains, but we do not bring our genitals with us. Thus, love has no gender. For example, gays
and lesbians prefer the same sex. This is what they are attracted to physically. Straights are attracted to the
opposite sex. This is also their preference physically. I am not saying preference is a "choice". Indeed, I do not
believe it is. You cannot help who you are attracted to "physically". And when we are attracted to another human
physically, spend more time with them which helps us see their soul more, love can develop. However, I do believe
we have the capability of falling in love with any sex despite what our sexual preferences are. Many, however, feel
it more comfortable falling in love with whomever their preference is. Others unexpectedly fall in love with someone
outside their preference. This is when love has no gender. The only complications that may ensue is when the
person cannot get over their "human need" of not having their physical preference. As human beings, we fight to
balance our spiritual and human side constantly. Feeling "LOVE" for another human being, despite which gender
they are, is the ultimate feeling one can ever have. So when you question gender, you are in essence, questioning
you ability to love another spirit.

Sex and Transistioning: Many transgenders prior to their surgeries, have had hard times with sexual relations.
Some have felt ashamed or uncomfortable with their bodies because that is not the body they are suppose to have.
Again, I will repeat myself, "we are human shells". The shell can be used as a tool for many things as well as love
making. During whatever phase of transistion, use your body as a "tool" for love making. Whatever tool you are at
the time, express yourself in allowing yourself to feel good physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Enjoy your
experiences in all phases despite the fact you are not where you want to be in the human sense which is the physical
being you want to be.

The so-called Disorder and Diagnosis: As mentioned earlier, the psychology field has made transgender a
diagnosis. Society has bashed these people due to ignornance and lack of knowledge and understanding. Being a
gay or lesbian up until the early 1980's was considered a disorder. What perplexes me is how was it a disorder 20
plus years ago and it is not today in the year 2001? I find it interesting how when society opens their minds, what
was a problem before no longer is. Unfortunately, transgenders have not been freed of their jail sentence by
society. What society hasn't realized is that transgenders are gifted people who have an advantage over most
straights as well as gays and lesbians with their inborn ability to easily grasp their Ying/Yang.

The Big Hypocrisy & Contradiction: Society also has a problem with believing something in which they cannot see.
For instance, does society get hostile about babies who were born with both sets of genitals? Absolutely not. What it
all comes down to is that society has no problem with someone born with both physical genders because they can
"see" it. But when it comes to the transgender topic, it is not something that can be physically so it is immediately
dismissed as unbelievable.

The hypocrisies and contradictions also begin with people who throw out Bible references about gays, lesbians, and
transgenders. Interesting that they "choose" to see what they cannot see when it comes to these topics despite the
many contradictions in the Bible. Ever wonder why there are so many types of Christianity? Why Christianity
stemmed off from Judiasm and why Islam stemmed from Christianity. It is because people cannot agree on the
writings of the Bible. Unfortunately, there will always be those who "choose to see what they want to see" in the
Bible, but not see what's in the hearts, minds and souls of the Transgenders.

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