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Protesters halt nuclear shipment: German Train stopped in tracks by activists cemented to rails
Anti-Gay Brochures Surface at California University
City Museum Is Accused of Altering Its AIDS Exhibit
DeKalb approves giving benefits to domestic partners
'Ellen' chalks up Mull amid flurry of pilot castings
Parents' sexual orientation matters, study finds
Doubt Surrounds Dr. Laura's Ratings
Pastor Blames Gays for Foot-and-Mouth
Homophobes on the Ropes?
Hate-crimes measure passes Alabama house
Boy Scouts kicked out of Jewish Festival
Charges filed in supermarket scuffle: A New Hope, Pa., man who accused a gay rights advocate of discriminating against him because he is straight
Glaxo won’t cut prices of AIDS drugs in the U.S.
Tom Cruise Sues Porn Star
Hawaii OKs Landmark Hate Crimes Bill
Tennesse Back Lesbian Mom
Cubs Fine Tavarez for Remarks
Minnesota senate changes its mind, opens door to DP benefits
Antigay bill fails a second time in Louisiana
Tanqueray to end its AIDS Ride ties
Atlanta extends protections based on sexual orientation
German activists call for monument to gay Nazi victims
PrideFest to Honor Nun
Rhode Island Moves Toward Trans Protection
UCLA geneticists identify cause of malformed genitalia, finding will improve sex assignments in ambiguous newborns
Ventura May Offer Partnership Benefits
Home Depot Opposes Nondiscrimination
Brazil Slams UN, US AIDS Policies
Pundits Debate "Ex-Gay" Study
Guilty Plea in Gay Bar Shooting
AIDS Drug Ads More Cautious
Gay Activists Protest Sydney Archbishop
The Wockner Wire
Boy Scout ban puts gay youth at greater risk for depression, suicide
Suspect arrested in attack on gay teens
Muslim clerics in the Netherlands call homosexuality a disease
Texas governor signs hate-crimes law
Brazil to Vote on Same-Sex Marriages
Protesters Decry Gay Blood Ban
N.Y. School Nixes Mother's Day
Researchers Clash Over "Ex-Gays"
AIDS Decimating African Labor Force
Most Canadians Support Same-Sex Marriages
Unanimous court rejects medical marijuana
Bush renewing pledge to combat gun violence
Coast Guard seizes 13 tons of cocaine
Plans for black student center ignite protests
Dartmouth closes fraternity over newsletters
Report: Star swallowed its own planet
U.S. nursing shortage 'going into crisis'
Dalai Lama in Portland for three-day visit
Hezbollah attacks Israeli army outpost
Vt. Civil Union Repeal Defeated
Gay Talk Show Host Dies
Closeted Athlete Causes Media Storm
Group: Acceptance up in Sri Lanka
Gay Families Are Different -- And That's Good
California parents worried about “gay agenda”
Egypt Detains 60 at Gay Wedding
Italy Elects its First Lesbian to Parliment
Dutch PM Blasts Clerics' Homophobia
Religious Extremists Attack the Girl Scouts
Bush Says NO to Gay Pride Month
Discharge of Gays in the Military is Up
Study: Harsh conditions for gay youth
ExxonMobil votes down partner benefits
Anne Heche to marry a man
Senate Switch May Impact Gay Rights
Gay Man Must Repay Airforce
Lesbian Couple Wed in India
Suspect Arrested in Gay Killings
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