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Flower of Purpose

I began a journey with no course
It led me up mountains; falling off cliffs
I swam many oceans and knew not how to swim
I made love with the dolphins and was attacked by sharks

The purpose of this journey was still unknown to me
Until I met a blossoming flower
Alone she stood on top of the highest mountain
Overlooking the valleys that surround
She was an incredible beauty
Her stem stood her tall; pedals full and bright

As I lay besides her
I was put in to a trance
Her pistil entered me
Filling me with her seeds
Upon opening my eyes
My once lifeless heart was now pumping

I became startled by a voice
It whispered that I must go
As my wild flower must continue her growth
I must attend to my own
Hesitantly, I moved on
But now with a purpose

Many days I sit and wonder
What has become of thee?
You showed me my purpose
Did you find yours?
Or have you wilted with the
Cool autumn rain?

VLS - 1996
Copyright © 2001 Spiritual Awakenings