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As Iíve struggled finding the words to say
Youíve become my Poet of Love
As Iíve heard you cry out loud in the night
Youíve also sung the melodies of a dove

As Iíve battled these constant fears
Youíve created my Sanctuary of Hope
As Iíve listened to your dreams
Youíve inspired me to cope

As Iíve behaved in temperamental ways
Youíve reincarnated my soul
As Iíve felt your extraordinary spirit
Youíve incited my reserve controls

As Iíve slowly watched the world go by
Youíve carved an insignia on my heart
As Iíve awoken from my enclavered coffin
Youíve been loosening the nails

As Iíve been too self-indulged
Youíve begun taking receding steps
As Iíve caressed you in my mind
Youíve needed me in the flesh

As Iíve been learning from you
Youíve begun to make the lessons harder
As Iíve been accustomed of your faith in me
Youíve been taking on a different scholar

As Iíve walked the Long Valley of Hope
Youíve been there to redress my spurs
As I sit here and marvel in the miracles you brought me
You are now moving on to be someone elseís Teacher

VLS -- 1996
Copyright © 2001 Spiritual Awakenings