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Words cannot convey the shock and sadness our entire world felt as we watched the September 11th horrific events unfold. I would like to express my sincerest, heartfelt condolences, sympathy and prayers to those who have experienced tremendous losses.

During this tragic time, we are reminded of the importance of our family, of our friends and of our community. I would like to help you connect with your friends, family and other members of your community - to talk, to share stories, to learn how you can help.

I created a special page with information on what you can do. You'll find important phone numbers, community links and contact information for agencies on this page.



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The purpose of this website is for sharing a wide variety of thoughts on spirituality. Some of the spiritual issues include: self-love vs. selfishness, spirituality vs. man-made religions, sexuality and gender. This site is dedicated to the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender communities (but not limited to). This is a place for everyone to experience, enjoy, learn, and share.

... the way to find Universal Truth is to first find the true meaning of "Love"... If you learn to love thyself, you will successfully love others... Anything less is just an illusion...

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